A New Kind Of African Coin That Unifies A Diverse Continent And Its People.

What is Africoinsy?


The continent of Africa has 54 countries, more than 3000 ethnic groups and around 1250–3000 native languages spoken by its people.

The power of Africa lies in its diversity – the customs, traditions and history of its people are all unique and different.

But, Africans can become one with Africoinsy, a cryptocurrency made for the purposes of  unifying & uniting all of Africa.

The future is here for Africa – be part of the new age.

Peer – to – Peer Transactions

Africoinsy is a peer to peer technology with open source access to the managing of transactions.

Easily Accessible Anywhere

Use a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. All you need is the Africoinsy address to complete transfers – whenever and wherever you want.

Africoinsy is always on and ready.

Africa – Wide Payments


There are no transaction fees or waiting for banks to hold you up. You’re in control of your spending fees.

Security & Control Over Your Coins


The nature of how cryptocurrency works makes Africoinsy secure – though the level of privacy you have is in your control.